Tools & Resources – The FOBT Clinician’s Reference Resource

This 2-page resource is designed to introduce (or reintroduce) clinicians to the value of stool blood testing. It will explain stool blood testing in general, make physicians aware of the differences between a guaiac-FOBT and an FIT, explain why different kinds of FOBTs are superior and outline some of the things that need to go into a stool blood testing screening program, if it is to be done in a quality way.

We would like to thank the following individuals from the NCCRT Professional Education and Practice Task Group for reviewing the content and contributing to this work: James Allison, Kim Andrews, Durado Brooks, Debbie Kirkland, Theodore Levin, Dorothy Lane, Marion Nadel, Kerstin Ohlander, Mike Potter, Robert Smith, and Richard Wender.

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