Responsibilities of Membership

Members are expected to attend at least one meeting per year, in order to maintain membership. There are no dues or fees. Members are encouraged to actively participate on one of our many Committees or Task Groups:

  • Nominating Committee;
  • Bylaws Committee;
  • Membership Committee;
  • Steering Committee;
  • Professional Education and Practice Task Group;
  • Quality Assurance Task Group;
  • Evidence Based Education and Outreach Task Group;
  • Blue Star/CRC Awareness Task Group;
  • Policy Action Task Group; and
  • Web Development Task Group.

The Committees focus on maintaining the structure and function of the Roundtable; Task Groups focus on producing materials, products or studies or convening meeting to advance issues or areas of interest and impact. The work is most often conducted by conference calls or email exchange with an occasional in-person meeting.

Generally, Roundtable Members find that the more they put into the Roundtable, the more they get out of it.

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