Tools & Resources – 80% by 2018 Communications Guidebook: Recommended messaging to reach the unscreened

2016CommunicationsGuideCoverThis Guidebook is based on new market research from the American Cancer Society with guidance from the NCCRT Public Awareness Task Group. The Communications Guidebook is designed to help educate, empower and mobilize three key audiences who are not getting screened for colorectal cancer.

  • The newly insured
  • The insured, procrastinator/rationalizer
  • The financially challenged

The goal of the Guidebook is to share what we know about reaching these hard-to-persuade groups using new tested messages.

New! The newly revised 2016 Communications Guidebook (8880) includes additional templates, tools and customized resources. (Note: Some versions of Internet Explorer create errors in the document. If you experience problems please use an alternate browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome.)

Also new in 2016 is the Hispanics/Latinos and Colorectal Cancer Companion Guide, which introduces new market research about unscreened Hispanics/Latinos and includes new Spanish tested messages.

The Guidebook reviews what we know from market research about the unscreened and introduces and explains new tested messages. It also provides new tools with the new messages incorporated to get you started:

· Radio and TV Scripts

· Infographics (3012)

· Social Media Message (2215)

· Banner Ads (2045)

· Medical Office Slides (1734)

· Sample CEO Champion Letter (623)

· Sample Email from a Hospital to Staff (637)

· Sample Email from a CEO to Employees (718)

Our hope is that partners can take this research and messages provided in the Guidebook and make the message resonate with the target audiences even more by using their own creativity, innovation and spokespersons.

Access the February 9th, 2016 webinar archive and slide deck introducing the updated Guidebook and Spanish Companion Guide:

Access the February 3rd, 2015 webinar archive and slide deck introducing the 2015 Communications Guidebook:

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