Providing a Practical Blueprint

As a coalition that convenes over one hundred members, the NCCRT’s strategic plan aims to provide a blueprint for the nation in achieving our 80% by 2018 goal. The 80% by 2018 Strategic Plan identifies four objectives intended to reduce colorectal cancer incidence and mortality in the United States:

  1. Move consumers to action
  2. Activate providers, payers and employers to support screening
  3. Increase access and remove barriers to screening
  4. Evaluate our efforts and maintain momentum

The 80% by 2018 Strategic Plan provides a practical and action oriented plan for achieving our shared goal and was developed after seeking input from dozens of NCCRT member organizations and over 100 individual leaders and stakeholders.

Further, the NCCRT continually updates the 80% by 2018 Strategic Plan by hosting special topic meetings throughout the year, during which we convene internal and external experts to conduct in depth discussions of emerging issues and map out longer term solutions for addressing gaps and needs.

In addition to our own internal strategic planning process, the NCCRT also recognizes the importance of assisting key stakeholders, collaborators, and cross-sectored partners in their own strategic planning. The NCCRT toolkits and resources may provide guidance and technical assistance to help inform other national, state, and local strategic planning efforts.