Membership Criteria

The NCCRT consists of member organizations and invited individuals who reflect a broad involvement in colorectal cancer prevention and early detection. Applications for membership will be reviewed by the NCCRT Membership Committee and submitted to the NCCRT Steering Committee for approval.

General Criteria for Membership

Organizations or invited individuals must meet one or more of the following criteria listed below to be considered for membership:

  • Have a strong interest in reducing colorectal cancer morbidity and mortality;
  • Have outstanding expertise and reputation in colorectal cancer information and research;
  • Have special expertise in colorectal cancer prevention, early detection and treatment;
  • Have the ability to deliver colorectal cancer education; and
  • Have the ability to deliver colorectal cancer screening services.

Categories of Membership

Members of the NCCRT are grouped into three categories:

  • organizational/institutional;
  • invited individuals; and
  • corporate.

Organizational/Institutional Membership

  • medical professional organizations;
  • federal agencies;
  • cancer centers;
  • state health departments;
  • hospitals;
  • advocacy organizations; and
  • voluntary organizations.

Member organizations shall designate a representative member and an alternate member. Each member organization shall have full membership rights including the right to attend NCCRT meetings, to participate in discussion, to vote, to be a candidate for elective office, and to accept appointment to committees and task groups. Members with governmental affiliation (designated as non-advocacy members) will abstain from voting on policy issues.

Individual Membership includes invited individuals with outstanding expertise in reducing colorectal cancer morbidity and mortality, and a commitment to quality of life for colorectal cancer survivors. Individual members shall have all of the participatory benefits of organizational/institutional members. Individuals must be invited to apply.

Corporate Membership

Companies and organizations that demonstrate a commitment to:

  • colorectal education; and
  • screening.

They may also make products that aid colorectal cancer screening, prevention, and treatment (the efficacy of these products must be supported by scientific research).

Corporate associates shall have all of the participatory rights of organizational or institutional members with the exception of voting rights and or the right to serve as an elected officer of the NCCRT. Corporate members are, however, encouraged to seek and accept appointments to task groups and vote on matters within that task group.