Colorectal Cancer Awareness car tag approved for sale in Mississippi

A new auto license plate (mockup shown above) has recently been approved by the Mississippi legislature and by the Governor!  Proceeds from the sale of this special tag will support colorectal cancer prevention and control in the Magnolia State.

We should all thank Dr. Sam Pace (shown above) for being a major citizen force behind this idea, and for all of the colorectal cancer advocacy work that he’s done.  If you are not familiar with his story, please take a few moments to hear him on this video: (Special thanks to Ann Sansing, Dr. David Buys & all of the good people at the MSU Extension Service for producing such a great video).

I would also like to thank Representative Margaret Ellis Rogers (R – New Albany) for sponsoring this legislation and getting it passed so quickly. I want to thank all members of the Mississippi House and Senate who voted for this legislation, and I would like to thank Governor Phil Bryant and his staff in the Governor’s Office for signing the legislation.

THIS STORY IS NOT OVER YET: As with all newly-authorized special auto license plates; the plates will not be produced until we pre-sell 300 plates. Although I do not yet have the pre-order information, I want you to consider pre-purchasing one of these plates so you can turn your vehicle into a mobile CRC screening awareness advertisement.  As soon as I receive that information, I’ll forward it to you.

Stay tuned for more good news, announcements and our summer work schedule.

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p.s. please forward this to others who may be interested in the 70×2020 Initiative.

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Mississippi license plate