Roundtable Committees

The three standing committees of the Roundtable are the:

  • Bylaws Committee
  • Membership Committee, and
  • Nominating Committee

The duty of the Bylaws Committee is to make and/or review any proposed bylaws amendments and present them, in writing, to the Roundtable membership at least 30 days before the Annual Meeting for a vote at the Annual Meeting.

The duty of the Membership Committee is to review applications for membership and making recommendations for membership to the Steering Committee.

The duty of the Nominating Committee is to meet yearly, at least two months before the Annual Meeting, to prepare a slate of candidates for both Steering Committee membership and the Chair and/or Vice Chair of the Roundtable, as needed.

The slate of candidates will be emailed to the Roundtable membership at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting to be voted on at the Annual Meeting.

Please click here to view a copy of our Bylaws