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Family PLZ! campaign materials are now available!

Family PLZ! campaign materials are now available!



As many of you know, this campaign focuses on the importance of learning about your family history of colorectal cancer, sharing this information with your doctor and loved ones and getting the younger generations to start conversations about health and screening.

We have some exciting tools to help promote our Family PLZ! campaign that are free and available for use by Roundtable members, including:

  • Downloadable posters and palm cards,
  • Facebook application,
  • Animated video, and
  • Web banner ads.

These tools and other resources can be found at —  we hope you will reach out to your audiences and spread the word about Family PLZ! and colorectal cancer.  Use the tools now, in March…or to compliment your CRC awareness efforts throughout the year.

Remember…if you need help adding your organization’s logo to the material, you can contact [email protected] for help.

Other good news…more information will be coming soon about free hard copies of posters and palm cards available to Roundtable members.

Thank you to Amy Manela, Paul Limburg, Jasmine Greenamyer, Durado Brooks, Debbie Kirkland, Robert Smith, Maggie Breslin, Meggan Hood, Anne Major, Melonie Thomas, Dale Mintz, Linda Aukett, Ann Favreau, Jo-Ellen De Luca, Anita Mitchell, Nicole Engler, Gregory Davault, Steve Telliano, Kristen Sullivan, Keona Graves, Kelley Smithey, Kari Miskit, Stony Anderson, Jewell Sparks, Sandra Robinson, Lisa Boardman, Christine Chastain, Robert Haile, Sean Brainerd, and the talented group at Design Matters for their extensive work on this project.   Talk about a team effort!

Thank you again for being a part of the NCCRT!!

Mary Doroshenk, MA

Director, National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable

American Cancer Society

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