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“Thank you! This is exactly the type of information health plans need to pass to one another to improve partnership/collaboration, as the consumer will benefit at the end.”

“I really enjoyed that each of the health plans featured in the toolkit highlights a different intervention or opportunity. That gives our partners many approaches to choose from.”

Colorectal Cancer Screening Best Practices Handbook for Health Plans

Health plans have an essential role to play in the effort to screen more Americans for colorectal cancer, particularly given that seven out of 10 people who are unscreened are covered by insurance.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Best Practices Handbook for Health Plans, provides a first-of-its-kind compilation of best practices, case studies, templates and tools, that will kick start or infuse health plans’ efforts to save more lives and prevent more cancers.

To develop the handbook, the NCCRT convened an advisory group of health plan experts and interviewed high-performing health plans to understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to increasing screening among members. Thank you to the many individuals and organizations who contributed their time and expertise to developing this much requested resource.

In the future, we hope to update this handbook with more case studies from high-performing health plans. If you have a story to share about how your health plan has worked to raise colorectal cancer screening rates, please email

NCCRT’s issue brief, The Importance of Waiving Cost-sharing for Follow-up Colonoscopies, provides additional information on the colonoscopy copay issue.

View the March 28, 2017 webinar introducing the Handbook for a guided tour of the best practices, case studies, and templates and tools found within the handbook, and hear from one of the profiled health plans.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Best Practices Handbook For Health Plans

Colorectal Cancer Screening Best Practices Handbook for Health Plans – March 28, 2017

This webinar introduced the new NCCRT Colorectal Cancer Screening Best Practices Handbook for Health Plans. The purpose of this handbook is to provide health plans with advice on the design and delivery of effective colorectal cancer screening programs. The webinar provided participants with a guided tour of the best practices, case studies, and templates and tools found within the handbook, including a deeper dive into the exemplary practices for one of the profiled health plans.


  • Tamara O’Shaughnessy, QNA Group
  • Anshul Dixit, MD, MPH, MBA, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

“This was one of the best colorectal cancer presentations, and it also provided information we can readily utilize with our current health plans in support of the 80% by 2018 initiative.”

How to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in Practice: A Primary Care Clinician’s  Evidenced-Based Toolbox and Guide

The CRC Clinician’s Guide and slide set is a practical guide for primary care clinicians containing evidenced-based tools, sample templates and strategies that can help practices improve their screening performance. A printable slide set is available for download. For PowerPoint version please contact us.

An interactive, online version of CRC Clinician’s Guide has been launched to offer an interactive, web-based version of the CRC Evidence Based Toolkit and Guide that can walk physicians through the contents of the Guide in an interactive, online format. Also available is a CA Journal article, “How to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in Practice,” which provides a quick overview of the evidence in the Guide, and a CRC Clinician’s Guide brochure, which is a quick one-page overview of the Guide that can be emailed or downloaded and printed.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Clinician’s Guide: Cancer Screening Action Plan. This shorter version of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Clinician’s Toolbox and Guide was designed for busy clinicians after collecting extensive feedback from physicians on the original Guide. The most important material from the full Guide was condensed into a step by step tool that still offers an expansive collection of the most relevant charts, templates and sample materials that clinicians can put to use.

To access this new tool click here.

Options for Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in Community Health Centers. In addition, researchers from the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, have recently adapted the CRC Clinician’s Guide for use in the Community Health Center setting.

To access this specialized tool click here.