Candace Henley, MPH

The Blue Hat Foundation

Candace Henley, MPH is a tireless advocate for colon cancer prevention and support. Candace was a single
mother who was raising five children who lost her car and home while battling colon cancer. Her
own battle and the devastation it left on her life and that of her children inspired her to create The
Blue Hat Foundation. The organization is founded on unconditional support and compassion for
people fighting colon cancer. Their mission is to provide education, information, and free screenings
for colon cancer in the minority and medically underserved communities. The Blue Hat Foundation
started as a single event – “ Blue Hat Bow Tie Sunday” — at one church in Chicago. The program is
now in 15 churches and promotes education through participation by asking the congregation to
wear blue in honor of someone who is fighting or passed away from colon cancer. In addition to the
Sunday events, The Blue Hat Foundation raises awareness about the disease’s signs and shares
personal experience stories through speeches, podcasts, articles, and community partnerships.