New NCI “RTIP” features Cancer Coalition of South Georgia’s work


The Cancer Coalition of South Georgia’s Community Cancer Screening ProgramTM  is now recognized by the NCI as an “RTIP” – a Research Tested Intervention Program (one of only 166 programs nationally, and the only one specific to colorectal cancer screening). The program is detailed online, including the technical assistance and additional resources (eg, training manual) available for those interested in developing similar programs.

The Community Cancer Screening Program (CCSP), operated by the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia, aims to increase cancer screening among low-income, underinsured, and uninsured patients aged 50–64 who access federally qualified community health centers in rural settings. The intervention’s approach is based on the patient navigation framework, which accounts for the cultural, socioeconomic, and other factors that create patient-, provider-, and system-level barriers to cancer screening and lead to cancer health disparities. CCSP uses health navigators to overcome these barriers to colonoscopy screening. Health navigators collaborate with partnering clinics (e.g., health centers, hospitals, gastroenterology services) to implement CCSP program activities.

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