80% In Every Community Strategic Plan

ACS NCCRT’s 2023 Priority Areas

  1. Mobilize national and community-level efforts that will lead to health equity in CRC screening.
  2. Support on-time screening as soon as eligible and continued participation per screening recommendations.
  3. Promote timely colonoscopy follow up to positive (abnormal) non-colonoscopy tests.

A Roadmap For Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates Nationwide

The 80% in Every Community Strategic Plan (2020-2024) provides a focused, action-oriented roadmap for stakeholders, collaborators, and cross-sectored partners. Partners are committed to achieving the shared goal of reaching and exceeding 80% colorectal cancer screening rates in communities across the nation. The plan provides a variety of recommended activities that all stakeholders can use to help define, prioritize, and accomplish their goals. Guided by an overarching problem statement and inspirational vision, and bounded by the core values of collaboration and health equity, the strategic plan emphasizes four strategic focus areas:

  1. Assess and Build Capacity in Communities
  2. Catalyze Healthcare Systems
  3. Mobilize at Public Touch Points
  4. Break Down Policy Barriers

The 80% in Every Community Strategic Plan was developed after seeking input from dozens of NCCRT member organizations and has been guided by leading clinicians, public health professionals, advocates, and other stakeholders within the colorectal cancer control field.

The 80% in Every Community Strategic Plan will be a “living” document and monitored and updated by an advisory committee of NCCRT members. In addition, the plan will be continually improved, implemented, and evaluated through the hosting of special topic meetings throughout the year, during which we convene internal and external experts to conduct in depth discussions of emerging issues and map out longer term solutions for addressing gaps and needs.

In addition to our own implementation efforts, the NCCRT also recognizes the importance of assisting key stakeholders, collaborators, and cross-sectored partners in implementing the 80% in Every Community Strategic Plan and modifying its recommendations for addressing the local needs and barriers of communities across the nation. The NCCRT toolkits and resources may provide guidance and technical assistance to help inform other national, state, and local implementation and evaluation efforts.