Allison Rosen, MS

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American Cancer Society

Steering Committee, 2020-2024

Allison Rosen has deliberately and consciously chosen to dedicate her life – in and outside of her employment – to use her voice and platform to educate, advocate, and continuously learn how best to represent the collective cancer community. She recently joined the American Cancer Society as the Director of Project ECHO. She serves as an NCCRT Steering Committee member and is a 10-year early age onset colorectal cancer survivor. Prior to joining ACS, Allison had a combined 16 years of experience in the oncology space, 12 years in basic cancer research and four years in public health and cancer health disparities, with much of her work focusing on designing, implementing, and evaluating public health programs and initiatives, to address cancer awareness and care disparities among medically underserved populations. Through her own experience at surviving Stage II colorectal cancer, Allison has experience on both sides of the fence, and works to bridge the gap between the healthcare system and the communities that it serves.