Webinar – 80% by 2018 Progress

During this webinar, Richard Wender, MD, NCCRT Chair and Chief Cancer Control Officer of the American Cancer Society, will share an update on the progress of the 80% by 2018 initiative. Dr. Wender will share the latest data on colorectal cancer screening rates, call on partners to double down on our efforts for the remaining 15 months of the initiative, and begin to discuss the transition to our work beyond 2018.


Richard Wender, MD
Chair, NCCRT
Chief Cancer Control Officer, American Cancer Society




Registration is required. The webinar is open to NCCRT members, 80% by 2018 partners, CDC grantees, ACS Health Systems and Communications staff, and new partners interested in getting engaged in colorectal cancer screening efforts.

A replay of the webinar will be made available a few days after the webinar on the NCCRT webinar archive webpage.