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2023 ACS NCCRT Annual Meeting a Success! 

2023 ACS NCCRT Annual Meeting a Success! 

November 20, 2023 – Authors: Emily Bell, MPH, Kaitlin Sylvester, MPA, and Aubree Thelen, MPH 

The 27th annual American Cancer Society National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable Annual Meeting took place Nov. 15-17 in Houston, TX, bringing together nationally known experts, thought leaders, and decision makers on colorectal cancer screening research, policy, and delivery. 

The ACS NCCRT’s first meeting outside the Washington DC metro area boasted robust attendance (240 participants), with attendees from 42 states, a clear testament to the energy and momentum behind the ACS NCCRT’s 80% in Every Community campaign, which aims to increase colorectal cancer screening rates to 80% and higher. 

Meeting highlights included analyses on the latest colorectal cancer screening data, strategies for improving follow-up colonoscopy rates, updates on early-age onset disease, news on the colorectal cancer policy landscape, and actions to promote health equity and address screening disparities – with targeted conversations on reaching rural, LGBTQ+, and American Indian/Alaska Native communities.   

Dr. Steven Itzkowitz, chair of the ACS NCCRT, presents at the annual meeting.

Panelist, Dr. Rachel Issaka, alongside steering committee member, Dr. Pascale White.

Attendees in a breakout session.

Steering Committee member, Allison Rosen, with the speakers of the early-age onset CRC panel.

Dr. David Lieberman of Oregon Health & Science University received a much-deserved lifetime achievement award for his decades of work to advance colorectal cancer screening in Oregon and across the U.S. He inspired participants with a moving reflection on his career and how far we have come as a community working to save lives from this disease.  

Meeting participants also celebrated Dr. Robert Smith’s (Senior Vice President, Cancer Screening, American Cancer Society) 27-year tenure serving as ACS NCCRT Vice-Chair as he transitions into his new role as Senior Scientific Advisor. Dr. Smith has spearheaded so many impactful efforts to tangibly and positively advance colorectal cancer screening. The ACS NCCRT would not be where they are today with his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment. 

Meeting slides and select session recordings will be available on the ACS NCCRT website in the next couple weeks.  

We’re proud to share we saw robust engagement online with 309 mentions of the ACS NCCRT on our social channels (X and LinkedIn). Visit our channels to find additional meeting highlights and photos. 

Thank you to all our valued members, speakers, and sponsors for making the meeting such a success. We look forward to our continued work together as we relentlessly strive toward 80% in every community. 


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