80% in Every Community Strategic Plan – Draft and Public Comment

In early January 2020, the NCCRT will release the 80% in Every Community Strategic Plan, which serves as a roadmap for helping communities and organizations in reaching our shared goal of achieving 80% colorectal cancer screening rates nationwide. Conceptualization of the strategic plan began in June 2019, and an incremental development process followed to create each of the plan’s core components. Throughout the process, more than 50 stakeholders contributed to its development, design, and contents, and the participants’ areas of subject matter expertise reflected the overall diversity of scope and perspective found amongst the NCCRT membership. More specifically, the contributing stakeholders offered expertise and recommendation in identifying today’s most pressing priorities, opportunities, and challenges in improving colorectal cancer screening rates. Priorities considered by the project committee spanned the spectrum of the colorectal cancer control field and emphasized many areas, including public awareness and provider education, clinical practice and health systems change, policy action, and community capacity building.

From December 12, 2019 to January 8, 2020, the NCCRT will be taking comments on its 80% in Every Community Strategic Plan, and we invite our membership as well as other interested partners in taking time to provide feedback on the current draft. Comments will be reviewed by an advisory committee and considered for any content changes prior to final publication of the strategic plan.

Thank you for your time in reviewing and please see the links below to download the 80% in Every Community Strategic Plan and to navigate to the form for collecting comments. Note, in the form you will be asked to provide written summaries or you can upload a document with your comments. For questions, please reach out to caleb.levell@cancer.org.