80% in Every Community

80% in Every Community is an American Cancer Society National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable campaign in which more than 1,800 organizations are working toward the shared goal of reaching colorectal cancer screening rates of 80% and higher in communities across the nation. Through dedication, determination, and collective action, we are seeing that 80% and higher screening rates are possible as health systems, community health centers, health plans, employers, counties, and many others are achieving their goals. View and download the strategic plan.

Take The 80% Pledge

By working together, demanding more of ourselves, and collectively pushing harder, we will make greater progress, prevent more cancers, and save more lives

Colorectal Cancer Is A Major Public Health Problem

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. when men and women are combined, but it doesn’t have to be. Few preventive interventions are as reliably effective in reducing avoidable death as screening for colorectal cancer. Learn more at the Data and Progress page.


Estimated adults diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2023


Estimated deaths from colorectal cancer in 2023

>1 in 3

Adults ages 50-75 are not getting screened as recommended


Men and women alive in the US with a history of colorectal cancer

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Find additional resources to support your organization in working toward an 80% colorectal cancer screening rate by visiting the our Resource Center. 

80% In Every Community Strategic Plan

The 80% in Every Community Strategic Plan (2020-2024) provides a focused, action-oriented roadmap for stakeholders, collaborators, and cross-sectored partners. 

Data & Progress

Learn about the measures we are tracking to assess our progress. 

80% in Every Community National Achievement Awards

Recognizing individuals and organizations who are dedicating their time, talent and expertise to advancing needed initiatives that support the shared goal to reach 80% screening rates nationally.

Progress Achieved With 80% By 2018

The 80% by 2018 campaign tapped into individual and organizational values, and it created an opportunity to do something bigger and better through collaborating with various partners–both within and beyond our typical public-health-focused community. We believe the value of these partnerships will prove to have a long-lasting impact as we continue to strive for 80%, but even more, what we’ve built in our local communities and across the country can be leveraged to achieve other health goals.

We all have a role to play in saving lives from colorectal cancer.

Please Note: While 80% in Every Community is a new campaign, the wide array of resources currently housed in the NCCRT Resource Center are still practical, current, and useful guides for improving colorectal cancer screening rates across many settings and communities. We encourage you to continue using and adapting these resources as we update materials to reflect the new campaign slogan over the coming months.

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