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CRC News: February 2, 2022

CRC News: February 2, 2022

Today, President Joe Biden announced a relaunch of the “Cancer Moonshot” program with a goal of reducing the death rate from cancer by at least 50 percent over the next 25 years.

Also today, the President’s Cancer Panel released a timely report that spotlights innovative approaches to improve the uptake of cancer screening nationwide and also calls for expanding evidence-based programs to better address equity in cancer screening access and outcomes. The report, Closing Gaps in Cancer Screening: Connecting People, Communities, and Systems to Improve Equity and Access, identifies four critical goals to improve cancer screening rates and to close gaps in screening access:

  1. Improve and align cancer screening communication;
  2. Facilitate equitable access to cancer screening;
  3. Strengthen workforce collaborations to support cancer screening and risk assessment; and
  4. Create health information technology that promotes appropriate cancer risk assessment and screening.

The report includes a recommendation to “Expand and strengthen National Cancer Roundtables that include a focus on cancer screening”, and specifically acknowledges the NCCRT as an exemplary model to promote evidence-based cancer screening strategies. Since our founding in 1997, the NCCRT has acted as a catalyst to stimulate work on key issues around colorectal cancer. With our 80% in Every Community campaign, launched in 2019, we have a renewed collaborative focus toward driving effective and equitable cancer screening priorities.

Dr. Steven Itzkowitz shared: “As Chair of the NCCRT, I’d like to commend the Panel for their focus on the critical need to prioritize cancer screening and in particular for their recognition of the national roundtables. For 25 years, the NCCRT has been committed to increasing awareness and access to timely colorectal cancer screening in every community. It’s clear that our work is as important as ever, and that our screening efforts are THE opportunity to end colorectal cancer as we know it.”

But of course, a roundtable’s strength is built on the engagement of its dedicated member organizations, and we want to take a moment to sincerely thank all of our members and partners who make the NCCRT a strong, united, and productive coalition. We look forward to working with you to do our part to implement the recommendations and continue to play a leadership role in efforts to make impactful and long last change to colorectal cancer outcomes.

With gratitude for your passion and dedication,

The NCCRT team

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