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CRC News: Week of July 23, 2018

CRC News: Week of July 23, 2018
We hope your summer has been going well!  We have some news items to share with all of you.

New NCCRT CRC Screening Best Practices Handbook for Hospitals and Health Systems

We’re pleased to share the NCCRT’s new Colorectal Cancer Screening Best Practices Handbook for Hospitals and Health SystemsThe purpose of the handbook is to provide advice on the design and delivery of a variety of effective CRC screening interventions to help hospitals and health systems strengthen their colorectal cancer screening efforts.  The handbook is divided into four sections:  Critical Steps, Case Studies, Implementation, and Tools & Resources. It is intended to provide needed information drawn from real life examples about how to ultimately improve CRC screening rates within the hospital and health system setting. 

Many and sincere thanks to the advisory committee team who helped bring this handbook to fruition:  Andrew Albert, Ken Anderson, Lynda Baxter, Tamarah Duperval-Brownlee, Jim Hotz, Djenaba Joseph, Dorothy Lane, Jan Lowery, Nina Miller, Mary Milroy, Subhasis Misra, Michael Potter, Michael Sarap, David G. Sheldon, Nancy N. Thomas, Debra Wilson, Richard Zera, Maria Cabrera, Monica Dean, Meg Fischer, Diana Fox, Julie Glover, Holly Guerrero, Kristi Lovell, Kristina Thomson, and Francisca Turkson Oduro, as well as to the hospitals and health systems who generously shared information about how their systems have successfully addressed colorectal cancer screening.

Replay of NCCRT Webinar on Colorectal Cancer Screening Best Practices for Hospitals and Health Systems

In case you missed it, a replay of the July 18th webinar on the Colorectal Cancer Screening Best Practices for Hospitals and Health Systems, can be found here.  Feel free to share with colleagues who could not join the webinar.

Invitation to Sign on to ACS CAN Letter Calling on USPSTF to Update the CRC Screening Recommendation

ACS CAN is sending a letter to the USPSTF to nominate the colorectal cancer screening recommendation for an update ahead of schedule and is inviting interested organizations to sign the letter.  Background:  In light of the new ACS CRC Screening guideline, which recommends starting CRC screening at age 45, many of you have expressed concern about the lack of insurance coverage for 45 to 49 year olds.  As you may know, the law requires insurers to cover preventive services with a USPSTF A or B rating free of cost sharing, but the current USPSTF recommends that colorectal cancer screening start at age 50.  According to the USPSTF website, individuals and organizations can contact the USPSTF to nominate topics to be updated at any time.  Updates are prioritized by USPSTF on different criteria, including whether there is new evidence that may change a current recommendation.  To view the proposed letter, click here.  To sign your organization on to the letter, click here by Noon ET Friday, August 3rd.  Please contact Caroline Powers, Director, Federal Relations at ACS CAN with questions: [email protected]

NCCRT Workbook for Developing CRC Coalitions Interactive Worksheets

As you may recall, earlier this year, we released the Guide to the Development of State Level Colorectal Cancer Coalitions.  Individual task worksheets, formatted as interactive PDFs, are now available for individual download from to better meet your planning needs.  The worksheets can be accessed here.  Many thanks to Caleb Levell for his work making these sheets available.

National Partners Webinar Series on Habits of Successful Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalitions

Registration is now open for the second webinar in a series from the Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership about strengthening the comprehensive cancer control coalitions.  Registration is now open for the second session which will be held on August 9th at 2:00pm ET, Making the Most of Your Priority Work Plan. There are a limited number of spots available for this highly interactive workshop so please consider attending with others in your coalition and programs. Register by visiting  Many thanks to Sarah Shafir for bringing this opportunity to our attention.

California Primary Care Association Webcast on Addressing Cultural Barriers

The California Primary Care Association has shared this 12 minute webcast that showcases two Community Health Centers in California, which have developed targeted colorectal cancer (CRC) screening programs to better address language and cultural barriers among both their patients and staff. Listeners will learn how these programs were built, sustained and evaluated, including the metrics these CRC programs saw among specific targeted populations. Attendees will leave the webcast with an increased understanding how a tailored message and improved process can significantly impact the effectiveness of your own CRC program. This webcast is produced in partnership with the American Cancer Society.  Thank you to Anna Rosenbaum for bringing this webcast to our attention.

CCA Research Grant Opportunities

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance is offering up to $775,000 in available funding for research.  The Alliance will award up to five research grants through the Chris4Life Research Program.  The Alliance is seeking to providing funding for innovative projects expected to lead to future funding from other peer-reviewed sources.  For more information please visit:

Do you Have 80% by 2018 Pictures to Share?

The NCCRT is in the midst of producing a glossy report that readily articulates the history, progress, key milestones, and successes of the 80% by 2018 effort.  We are looking for photos from a variety of partners that capture the spirit of the 80% by 2018 effort to include in the report.  If you have high quality photos for us to consider, please send the photos to [email protected] with “80% by 2018 Photo” in the subject line, indicating names of those in the photo, photo date, and location, along with a brief statement given us royalty-free permission to use the photo in the NCCRT publication.  Please note that not all photos will be accepted.


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