Tools & Resources – Family PLZ! Campaign


The Family PLZ! campaign is here!

The Roundtable launched a new CRC awareness campaign with a special focus on family history that targets the younger population.

Family PLZ! focuses on the importance of learning your family history of colorectal cancer or polyps, sharing this information with your doctor and loved ones, and getting the younger generation to start conversations about health and screening.

We have tools to help promote Family PLZ! that are free and available to use, including:

  • Downloadable posters and palm cards,
  • Facebook application,
  • Animated video, and
  • Web banner ads

Click here to access these tools and resources.

The campaign was developed in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic, the Colon Cancer Alliance and the Art Center College of Design.

The campaign will allow us to talk to young people about colon cancer on their terms in their environments.  We want them to use their energy to spur their family members to get screened and to talk with their families about family history.

Use the campaign materials in March – or through out the year to give a special reminder about colorectal cancer screening and the importance of knowing your family history.