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80% by 2018 Beyond Thankful Report

80% by 2018 Beyond Thankful Report

Beyond Thankful: 80% by 2018

Our story of audacity, commitment, and unity

The 80% by 2018 Beyond Thankful report tells the story of our collective ambition, commitment, and unity during the course of this campaign. We hope it not only inspires a sense of accomplishment, but also expresses our absolute gratitude for the enthusiasm, innovation, and hard work that you put into making this campaign a success. The 80% by 2018 effort brought out the best in us and we have no intention of letting this spirit of goodwill fade as we launch 80% in Every Community

Thank you to the NCCRT Steering Committee, the Public Awareness and Social Media Task Group, and the project advisory group that oversaw the development of this report. Advisory group members included: Dennis Ahnen, April Barry, Durado Brooks, Anne Carlson, Paige Cucchi, Brian Davis, David Greenwald, Laura Habighorst, Nikki Hayes, Steven Itzkowitz, Kinetra Joseph, Dorothy Lane, Michael Potter, Marta Sanchez, Paul Schroy, Robert Smith, and Andrew Wortmann. Finally, a special thank you to 1000 Feathers for leading the design, development, and editing of the report. 

Please email [email protected] for a print-ready version.