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Blue Star Artwork

Blue Star Artwork

The Blue Star Universal Symbol for colorectal cancer is free to all groups and programs as part of our mission to promote unity in the colorectal cancer field, in recognition of our shared common goal to prevent and eradicate colorectal cancer.

Much like red ribbons for AIDS or pink ribbons for breast cancer, the hope is this symbol will be integrated into existing group awareness efforts and communications tools – incorporated into materials as a representation of our collective fight against colorectal cancer, but not replacing any group’s unique identity or unique mark.

This symbol was developed by Addison Whitney, a national branding firm, through a comprehensive logo development process, and focus-group tested nationwide. Many people responding to the focus group questions said they liked this combination of a star and ribbon feeling it embodies power, hope, and awareness. People also reported liking how the symbol can take on a somewhat human form. People responded positively to the twist of merging the typical awareness ribbon, which people have come to know means ‘generic awareness’ for something, and a star which respondents felt represented remembrance of those who have died from the disease and the hope for a future cure. People responded to the color blue because of its associations with strength and regality.

Click to download the official Universal Symbol for Colorectal Cancer Usage Guidelines.

The new Universal Symbol may be used in one of three ways:

Standard – Hex #012169, black with white background, or white with color background

Sizing Information:
Blue Star Sizing Example 1
Blue Star Sizing Example 2 Blue Star Sizing Example 3

Clearance w/ other marks
Minimum Size 0.5″

Incorrect Uses of the Symbol:

Blue Star Incorrect Usage

Downloadable Image Files:

Blue Star (Traditional Blue).png

Blue Star (Black).png

Blue Star (White).png

Blue Star (Traditional Blue).jpg

Blue Star (Black).jpg

For the .eps file, email [email protected]