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Blue Star Conversations – May 29, 2024

Blue Star Conversations – May 29, 2024

Leveraging the Electronic Health Record for Cancer Prevention: A Look at How Yale New Haven Health System is Systematizing Risk Assessment and Risk Stratification to Identify Candidates for Genetic Testing

Learn about how health systems can use their EHR to better target those who may need genetic testing!

This ACS NCCRT Blue Star Conversation featured a brief introduction and moderation by Heather Hampel, MS, CGCC, one of the ACS NCCRT Family History & Early Onset Colorectal Cancer Strategic Priority Team (SPT) co-chairs, followed by a presentation by Xavier Llor, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Director, GI and Pancreatic Cancer Prevention Program, Digestive Diseases, at Yale School of Medicine, a co-chair of the ACS NCCRT Professional Education and Practice Implementation (PEPI) SPT. The presentation highlighted how Yale New Haven Health System is using the electronic health record (EHR) to systematically identify and invite at risk patients to participate in genetic testing for Lynch Syndrome, putting the principles outlined in the ACS NCCRT Risk Assessment and Screening Toolkit to Detect Familial, Hereditary and Early Onset Colorectal Cancer into action. Afterwards, participants discussed potential benefits and limitations of this approach as well as next steps to implement this type of system in additional settings. 

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