Coverage of Medicaid Preventive Services for Adults – A National Review

The NCCRT partnered with ACS CAN and the American Heart Association to commission researchers at George Washington University to determine state by state Medicaid coverage around USPSTF-recommended preventive services, including colorectal cancer screening.

While some research has been published examining Medicaid coverage of select preventive services, there has not been a comprehensive look at state-level Medicaid coverage of preventive services for adults. This study is intended to provide a better understanding of Medicaid coverage of preventive services for adults in the current state programs and inform state policy makers as they consider the level of preventive benefits and services to offer should they expand Medicaid in 2014.

The report was also the basis of a Health Affairs article that was published in July of 2013.  The article abstract can be accessed here.

Disclaimer: This resource does not reflect the new 2018 ACS guideline for colorectal cancer.