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Evaluation Toolkit

Evaluation Toolkit

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“The 7-step process is helpful. It is a guide/outline that can be used to ensure that you have developed a great program and the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of your program.”

Evaluation Toolkit, Version 4:

How to Evaluate Activities to Increase CRC Screening and Awareness: Evaluation Toolkit – Now With Case Studies That Include Policy and Systems Change!

This latest version of the evaluation toolkit is intended to help organizations and communities evaluate a wide variety of interventions designed to increase awareness and use of colorectal cancer screening. The toolkit will help you learn the seven basic steps to evaluation, whether you are working to increase community demand for colorectal cancer screening, encouraging health care providers to recommend screenings, or trying to implement policy, systems, or environmental (PSE) changes.This toolkit will provide you with:

  • A basic understanding of evaluation strategies.
  • Tools that you can use and adapt to assess baseline screening rates, or the effectiveness or impact of the intervention.
  • Basic skills to collect outcome data to inform and improve decision-making.
  • Tips for incorporating evaluation results into grant proposals, reports, and other dissemination activities.
  • Practical yet comprehensive evaluation references and resources.

Download this comprehensive resource.

Evaluation Tip Sheets – designed to give you a quick overview of the evaluation process.

Click here to download four separate Evaluation 101 learning modules.  These four pre-recorded webinars are designed to walk you through the evaluation process in greater depth.

New! Guidance on Evaluation 80% by 2018 Messaging