Familial Risk And Colorectal Cancer Screening

Familial Risk and Colorectal Cancer Screening – December 8, 2016

This webinar addressed what we know and don’t know about colorectal cancer screening for those with a familiar risk of colorectal cancer. Study authors Dr. Jan Lowery and Dr. Dennis Ahnen review the NCCRT-commissioned article that was published in June 2016 on colorectal cancer and family history in the journal CancerUnderstanding the contribution of family history to colorectal cancer risk and its clinical implications: A state-of-the-science review. The NCCRT’s Family History Task Group conducted this review to better understand the current state of knowledge regarding family history and colorectal cancer.


  • Dennis Ahnen, MD, University of Colorado Cancer Center
  • Jan Lowery, PhD, MPH, Catholic Health Initiatives

Disclaimer: This resource does not reflect the new 2018 ACS guideline for colorectal cancer.