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Hispanics/Latinos and Colorectal Cancer Companion Guide

Hispanics/Latinos and Colorectal Cancer Companion Guide


Hispanics/Latinos and Colorectal Cancer Companion Guide

The Hispanics/Latinos and Colorectal Cancer Companion Guide is a supplement to the 80% by 2018 Communications Guidebook, created in 2015 and updated in February 2016. This Companion Guide is based on market research on Hispanics/Latinos that are not up-to-date with recommended colorectal cancer screening. The Companion Guide includes:

  • Perceptions about colorectal cancer and barriers to screening among unscreened Hispanics/Latinos
  • Recommendations for reaching unscreened Hispanics/Latinos
  • Spanish language tested messages

The Companion Guide reviews what we know from market research about unscreened Hispanics/Latinos and introduces and explains new tested messages.

New materials that utilize the messaging are now available for all to use.  Partners are invited to use these materials below as is OR cobrand these materials in partnership with the NCCRT and the American Cancer Society.

To cobrand the materials, please fill out the responsible use agreement. You will then be sent the original files with a button allowing you to upload your logo to cobrand the materials.

Our hope is that partners can take this research and messages provided and make the messages resonate with their target audiences even more by using their own creativity, innovation and spokespersons.

Visit the the 80% by 2018 Communications Guidebook to find additional tools and resources to help you promote and evaluate your communications. Find additional guidance on communications for Asian Americans in the Asian Americans and Colorectal Cancer Companion Guide.

View the February 9th, 2016 webinar introducing the Companion Guide.