Submit a Resource

The NCCRT is collecting external partner resources to enhance our partners’ ability to access tools and materials from successful interventions that are being implemented in a variety of settings, coupled with evaluation tools that will help them assess that work.

To be considered for inclusion in the NCCRT Resource Center, submissions must meet the following criteria:

  1. The resource or program relates to colorectal cancer screening. The resource or program seeks to improve the quality or rate of colorectal cancer screening within an age and risk-appropriate population.
  2. The resource or program aligns with the public health goals of the 80% by 2018 strategic plan. The intent of the Resource Center is to promote resources that advance our shared goals to increasing the delivery of quality colorectal cancer screening.
  3. The resource or program is built on sound evidence and/or has been evaluated to demonstrate its effectiveness. There must be some evidence that the resource or program is likely to improve the quality or rate of colorectal cancer screening or decrease morbidity or mortality from colorectal cancer.

NCCRT does not promote or endorse any particular products, services, or brands and does not engage in lobbying or political activities. Resources or programs in the following categories will be excluded from entry in the NCCRT Resource Center:

  1. Promotion of medical or technical products. The Resource Center is focused on promoting public health goals, not commercial promotion of brands, drugs or devices, software design and development, or medical equipment and supplies.
  2. Promotion of commercial resources or programs. Commercial resources, even those that are clinical in nature, such as new surgical, medical, or professional techniques, are outside the scope of the Resource Center.
  3. Promotion of fee-based resources or programs. The Resource Center only includes resources and programs that are publicly available at no cost to the user. (Exceptions are made for links to free journal abstracts even if there is a fee to access the full article.)
  4. Materials that seek to influence legislation or administrative action. NCCRT is unable to promote resources that seek to influence legislation or administrative action, whether at the international, federal, state, or local levels.

Priority will be given to resources or programs that:

  1. Address a clear need outlined in the 80% by 2018 Strategic Plan or requested by NCCRT members or 80% by 2018 pledged partners,
  2. Demonstrate a robust evidence base or evaluation results,
  3. Introduce promising innovative or creative strategies that are not already addressed by other resources in the Resource Center, and/or
  4. Address health equity issues.

Submit a Resource

Thank you for your interest in submitting a resource to the Resource Center. Please complete the fields below to submit your resource or program description. Before you begin, we encourage you to review a couple of the existing external partner resources in the Resource Center to get a feel for the type of information included in these profiles.

If more information is needed, submitters will be contacted via email with a request for additional information. All submissions will receive approval or denial notification. If approved, submitters will be provided the opportunity to review and approve final resource entries before they are posted to the Resource Center.

Individuals making submissions on behalf of an organization must be authorized by the organization to grant permissions to the resources and make the certifications required below.