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Call for Nominations for ACS NCCRT Vice Chair: September 6, 2023

Call for Nominations for ACS NCCRT Vice Chair: September 6, 2023

Dear ACS NCCRT Members,

We shared last week that Dr. Robert Smith is stepping down as the ACS NCCRT Steering Committee Vice-Chair, a role he’s served in since 1997. We are grateful for his service and pleased he will continue to support our work by serving as ACS NCCRT’s Senior Scientific Advisor.

Call for Nominations for ACS NCCRT Vice Chair

The ACS NCCRT will now begin working with our members, Steering Committee, and Nominating Committee to identify a new Vice Chair to serve with ACS NCCRT Chair, Dr. Steven Itzkowitz. The term of office for the Vice-Chair will be a three (3) year renewable term (up to two consecutive terms) starting November 16, 2023. Please click the link below to share your interest in submitting a nomination (for yourself or a colleague) by 12pm ET on September 18, 2023, and please reach out to Kaitlin Sylvester at [email protected] with questions. Below is additional information regarding the nomination process, benefits to serving as Vice-Chair, and general responsibilities.

Process for Selecting a New Vice Chair

  • Nominees must currently serve on the Roundtable through an ACS NCCRT member organization.
  • Representatives from our Corporate Associates may not serve on the Steering Committee, but they may nominate other candidates.
  • Nominees can be self-selected or nominated by a colleague, preferably from a participating ACS NCCRT member.
  • Nominees are asked to submit a Statement of Interest (1,000 word maximum) along with a CV by 12pm ET on September 18, 2023.
  • The ACS NCCRT Nominating Committee will review nominations and may request an interview with the nominees, as needed.
  • The Nominating Committee prepares a recommended slate, which is emailed to ACS NCCRT members on behalf of the Steering Committee. The slate will be sent to the Roundtable membership before the Annual Meeting (the 2023 ACS NCCRT Annual Meeting will take place November 15-17, 2023, in Houston, Texas).
  • The slate will be voted on at the Annual Meeting on November 16, 2023. A majority vote of the membership is required to approve the slate.


  • Demonstrate national leadership and vision in furthering the cause of colorectal cancer prevention and early detection in the United States.
  • Opportunity to influence the Roundtable’s direction and progress on its shared life-saving mission.
  • Work closely with the Steering Committee members, who are themselves an exceptional group of leaders who generate a lot of energy, momentum, and good ideas on critical issues.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assume the role of Chair when needed.
  • Carry out responsibilities as requested by the Chair.
  • Cultivate excellent working relationships with community leaders involved in this initiative in a way that can inspire collective action.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert.
  • Support and offer guidance to ACS NCCRT staff members to manage and implement the projects and activities of the Roundtable.
  • Represent the Roundtable externally via the media, collaborations, presentations, and advisory committees.
  • Cultivate a focus on ACS NCCRT’s health equity principles through seeking diverse membership, fostering conditions for everyone to be included, engaging in the community, and using data to understand disparities and develop Roundtable strategies.
  • Identify potential funding sources to support the Roundtable’s goals and priorities.
  • Build ACS NCCRT’s identity as a respected, neutral convener among a broad spectrum of national partners.
  • Assist in recruiting high-level professionals and volunteers to lead and participate in activities and committees including the Steering Committee and Strategic Priority Teams.

Many thanks for the great work you do!

The NCCRT Team


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