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Blue Star Conversations – February 21, 2024

Blue Star Conversations – February 21, 2024

Tailoring Colorectal Cancer Screening Messaging: Practical Advice for Coalitions

Learn about how your coalition can increase colorectal cancer screening rates!

This Blue Star Conversation featured a brief introduction and moderation by Nikki Hayes, MPH, and Katie Bathje, MA, ACS NCCRT State-Based Initiatives Strategic Priority Team co-chairs, followed by a presentation by Tamara Robinson, MS, Program Director, Nebraska Cancer Coalition. The presentation highlights work featured as a case study in the ACS NCCRT’s recently published Tailoring Colorectal Cancer Screening Messaging: A Practical Coalition Guide, and focused on key tangible actions for coalitions looking to reach specific populations and increase colorectal cancer screening in those populations. Afterwards, participants discussed their greatest barriers and solutions to increasing CRC screening, reaching specific communities, and messaging as coalitions, which was not recorded for privacy.

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