Colon Cancer Survivor begins 4,000 mile trek by bicycle

Some of you may recall meeting Bob Baker, a colorectal cancer survivor from UOAA who attended the last Roundtable annual meeting.

UOAA asked that we share news of his bike ride across the country to raise awareness for ostomy, colon cancer and IBD.

Other riders are invited to join in.

See the press release below for additional details. Congratulations to Bob for this wonderful journey.


Saturday April 16th, at the gray, rolling edge of Long Island Sound, Bob Baker dipped his back wheel and started a bike ride that will take him across the northern tier of the United States.

Four thousand miles of road on a bicycle, between now and July 31st!! Bob is doing this to bring awareness to ostomy, colon cancer and IBD, and has the Blue Star for Colon Cancer displayed on his shoulder. There will soon be a full-fledged webpage.

For now you can see information at UOAA Discussion Board and the UOAA Facebook group. We are also tweeting, and Bob will be blogging soon so please keep in touch for updates.

Other riders are invited to join them along the way … stops through Vernon Hills, IL (north of Chicago) are planned for.

For more information click here.